Skype Lessons Available

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Thanks to modern technology Caroline now offers online tuition in Anglo Irish Concertina on a range of platforms – Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Zoom to students all over the world. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world can learn Irish traditional music from an expert tutor. Through regular lessons, students can expect to improve concertina technique, and develop maturity and musicality in their playing. Online lessons are highly successful and reap many of the rewards of traditional face to face lessons, right from the comfort of your own home!

In general, students can expect a lesson to include:

  1. Revision of previous tune – suggestions of revisions (improvements or additional embellishments).
  2. A new piece of repertoire – taught phrase by phrase through repetition.
  3. Lesson ends with revision of new piece and Caroline records the tune at various speeds – slow, phrase by phrase and ‘normal speed’. The recording also includes relevant indications on fingering. This recording acts as a guide to facilitate independent learning and practice before the next lesson.

Over time, the listening skills developed during lessons will allow learners to pick up tunes with minimal effort by ear (Yes anyone has this ability, you just need to be taught how!). This repetitive technique also improves and stabilises rhythm and builds confidence. Students learn to contextualise the music, gaining an insight into the tunes and traditions from an insiders’ prospective – a pivotal feature of a living tradition which is often overlooked.

Students will be encouraged to develop their own individual style and gradually begin to find their place within the wider Irish traditional music community.